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Christmas Collaboration 2016
Material Sample
Collaboration Material



Click on the "Click" button to download the ZIP-compressed material for collaboration.

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「写真」「イラスト」「ぬりえ」コラボ方法はなんでもOK !

たとえば、イラストが描ける人は栗太郎と一緒のイラストを描いてもよし。モデルさんやコスプレーヤーさんはイラストと一緒に撮影してくれたらいいなぁ! 家族でぬりえをしたものを送ってくれても嬉しいです♥

Merry Christmas ♪

Let's enjoy X'mas collaboration with Kuritaro !

"Photo" "Illustration" "Coloring" Collaboration method is OK anything!

For example, if you can draw a picture I can draw illustrations with Kuritaro.

If you are model or cosplayer, I will be happy if you shoot with illustration!

I'm glad if you send me your family's coloring work ♥

Please freely upload collaboration images to "Instagram" "Facebook" "Twitter".

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